Prescott Racing

Prescott Valley in northern Arizona is one of the most beautiful locations in the state of Arizona and even the southwest. It’s cool climate, relatively low elevation, unique terrain, and gorgeous scenery make it an ideal location for all types of racing. On we provide resources for all types of racers to find the right racing location for them in the Prescott Valley.

Whether you’re a runner, rider, or driver, Prescott has a great place for you to race. To find local racing organizations and race clubs in Prescott, you can visit our running racing, driving racing, or riding racing pages and navigate from there.

Not only does Prescott provide a great location for racing due to the environment but the racing organizations in the area are true lovers of their sports and insure a great and safe racing experience for everyone. All racing days are organized and for the most part provide on staff EMT all certified in medical training like CPR to ensure racer safety.